The Centre for Culture and Technology was established in 2011 by Aleksandra Dulic and Stephen Foster, to promote research that brings together art and science to develop a critical awareness of the dynamic relationship between culture and technology. As a laboratory engaged in innovative research, the Centre aims to develop content, artwork and services, support innovation processes, expand new knowledge transmission strategies for cultural expression and communicate cultural knowledge to audiences across a range of age groups and cultures.

As communities incorporate emerging information and communication technologies into their cultural practices, there is a need to maintain continuity with social nuances, values, and the characteristics of their local places and traditions. If media technologies are to be harnessed to enhance democratic principles, they must contribute to education by incorporating accumulated knowledge, heritage and traditional processes, while anticipating and enhancing the emerging creative cultures of today. Social activities are localized and embedded in a cultural context, therefore the focus of our projects are to foster novel computer based multimedia technologies and digital content for the full range of human experience by developing interaction frameworks and authoring processes that bring local cultural and community resources to the forefront.

The core objectives of the centre are:

  1. To promote knowledge sharing and dissemination in the area of culture, community, art and technology;
  2. To contribute to the preservation, study and promotion of the natural, cultural, tangible and intangible heritage;
  3. To support creativity, cultural and artistic production by maximizing the cultural and educational potential of computational multimedia technologies;
  4. To contribute to the development of leading edge technologies in order to foster a positive social impact on communities, cultures and their environment.

Infrastructure The research facility is located in UBC Okanagan's Administration Building which houses the equipment and laboratory space. The space is a venue for community members and researchers to develop, test, and evaluate a range of technologies in a laboratory setting.

The Centre is grouped into three studios:

A. Interactivity, Visualization and Sonification Studio is a specialized black box space equipped with portable sprung floors, a motion capture system, projection system, surround audio display system, and lighting equipment. The open configuration of this studio is designed to support a variety of projects, such as computer-mediated performance, motion capture and analysis, interaction design, interactive installation, mixed reality exhibit prototyping, and spatial representation. This studio enables the collaboration with community members in the area of interactive art and technology design.

B. Prototyping Studio is situated in the open lab space that houses stationary equipment. The Prototyping Studio consists of 3D surface capture, a laser-engraving/cutting system and electronics prototyping required for physical interaction design projects.

C. Production Studio is housed in the open lab space that houses stationary equipment. It includes server storage required for archiving and presentations with the capacity to archive digital material and protect it in a secure environment. The Production Studio houses research workstations equipped with a variety of visualization, 3D modeling, motion and 3D data editing software tools, Game engine software, capture, editing, management and storage of high resolution video, audio and interaction design software. In addition, this studio includes two portable Mac laptop computers and two Mac mini computers necessary for multimedia manipulation and editing in the field and for exhibit installation as well as an A/V digital recorder.

Centre for Culture and Technology
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Telephone: 250-807-8716