Kenneth Newby

Associate professor

Steering Committee | Artist Scholar

Kenneth Newby is a media artist, composer-performer, educator, interaction designer, and audio producer whose creative practice explores the use of technology to enable media performances and installations that are rich in aural, visual and cultural nuances. His work is widely presented in exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and radio broadcasts throughout Canada, Asia, Europe, and the USA. These works include compositions of media performance, electro-acoustic and acoustic music; interactive computer systems for live performance and installation; software tools for composition of music and animation, new composition for Javanese and Balinese gamelan ensembles; interdisciplinary collaborations with composers and artists in various disciplines (film, video, dance, theatre, poetry, shadow play) and participation in improvisational ensembles. His SSHRC funded Computational Poetics research project has resulted in the development of sophisticated media diffusion techniques that enable the creation of singular audiovisual installation works that explore the expressive potential of sculptural forms of multi-channel audio and visual images. Kenneth's current art research involves interdisciplinary collaborations with several researchers in the creation of computationally based audiovisual installation works that represent complex images of multi-cultural identity. These works feature both situated, local sites while incorporating mobile communications technologies to allow the participation of individuals at a distance.