Project Leader:
Aleksandra Dulic
Keith Hamel, Stephen R. Sheppard, David Flanders
Olaf Schroth, Amber Choo, Tyler Laing, Matthew Brown, Jelena . Prodanovic, Liz Dumontet, Christina Van, Keagan Ricciuti, Brad Hall, Andrew Campbell, Maggie Shirley, Martin Ritter, Nicholas Sinkewicz

Future Delta (SSHRC 2009/2011) is an immersive and interactive virtual environment that acts as a tool for communication between researchers and the public. The project brings together climate change science and multimedia interaction in the context of emerging methods of visualisation and community engagement. Collaboration between: Aleksandra Dulic, Keith Hamel and Stephen Sheppard.

The Future Delta game simulation is a time-forward 3-D visualization and simulation tool that aims to motivate actions, behavioral change and educate players about climate change mitigation and adaptations solutions and challenges. The game simulation is situated in a recognizable community locale: the flood-prone neighborhood of Delta, BC. Combining climate change modeling, socioeconomic scenario analysis and 3D modeling of real places with engaging soundscapes and imagery, our game is designed to make climate change science and solutions more salient and understandable to the ayperson. The project comprises a game simulation and dynamic 3D visualizations of future local climate change scenarios to provide an environment for experiential learning tied to place attachment. The project builds on a foundation rich in research, experimentation, and production in the topic of climate change in Delta, but extends previous work into a new representational platform of virtual game simulation.

For more information, the Future Delta website is available here: