Aleksandra Dulic
Associate Researchers:
Jeanette Angel, Kristin Aleklett
Denise Kenney
David Kadish

In this ritual space, the audience is invited to pause and contemplate the moment of crossing from life into death through an enhanced visual, aural, and spatial perception. People Student Researcher: Rosa Park Supervisor: Aleksandra DulicProgress: Rosa has completed her MFA thesis. Status: Complete D.1.9.4 Subtle Emergences Go to his website for image Subtle Emergences is an immersive, interactive art installation that is part of David Kadish’s MFA Thesis. The installation consists of different elements - kinetic hanging “ leaves” , pulsating lights, and sound-producing pipes - that form an ecosystem of inorganic beings. As people move about the space, the environment changes, lights waning in some places and waxing in others to reveal new perspectives of the space. The space responds to its visitors. As lights dim, the leaves slow and sounds rise from the pipes. As we explore the system, we become part of it.