The Centre for Culture and Technology is an interdisciplinary institute that engages multiple forms of art, media and information technologies as vehicles for the exploration and expression of community, culture, and identity. A key role of the Centre is to advance research/creation processes and theoretical discourse in the dynamic field of culture and technology in order to address rapid changes in technologies themselves as well as their reflection of, and influence on our cultures and communities. Through this focus, the Centre fosters innovation in computer based multimedia technology and its associated art-making practices by building bridges between technology, community and culture. We are developing new approaches to digital technology by integrating the embodied intelligence of expressive arts and crafts with design processes in culturally appropriate forms. An integration of cultural performance with interactive media environments can draw from the long history of performative traditions that effectively address their place and communities.

Located in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, the Centre for Culture and Technology fosters research in media technology that will support economic development in the Okanagan Valley, Province of British Columbia and Canada. These goals are achieved through training of highly qualified personnel and transfer of knowledge and technology for media, graphics, animation, gaming, human-computer interaction and communication technologies to the community.